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The evolution of financial intelligence requires more than you just repeating some prosperity scriptures or making declarations that you’ve written.  It requires more than you cutting out pictures of cars, shoes, homes, buildings, etc. and gluing them on poster board to hang on your walls.  It takes vision.  It takes action and plans.  It takes focus.

Focus – the concentration of attention or energy on something; maximum clarity or distinctness of a

If we really want to accomplish and achieve amazing results and success, we need more than just a vision (last month’s Vision Strategy Success Blueprint™ that was given is your plan for 2016 goals), we also need a new way of thinking, and a way to focus quickly on the results that are most essential to us in our daily lives.  As an alternative to focusing on what all the things we need to DO, it’s more beneficial to focus on what it is that we really desire.  What it is that we really want…we have to train ourselves to think in terms of RESULTS and not the process.

The purpose of the Vision Strategy Success Blueprint™ given to you last month was to help give you a CLEAR result or outcome and continuing to focus on it immediately changes your behavior.

A shift in focus immediately changes the direction of your journey.  Remember, whatever you focus on, you will experience a stronger level of commitment to the process.  Where focus goes, energy flows.

Your perspective on your life situations mean everything.  Don’t let your eyes play tricks on you.  You control on what you focus on.  If you constantly focus on why you have so many problems in your life, then the law of intention will surely be able to keep supplying you with a long, list of numerous problems.  If you focus on all the events that are keeping you too busy to change your financial blueprint, then you will find yourself continuously adding more and more things to your list.

You have to focus on the RESULTS you are COMMITTED to and then you will find yourself constantly moving toward that vision and the results you desire – and more often than not, you will see it in an accelerated manner with smaller to-do list than you expected.

So in closing, let’s design the actual result you are after.  Ask yourself:

  • What do I actually want (with certainty)?
  • What is my outcome?
  • What is the specific result that I am committed to accomplish?

In order to stay focused, try the following (it sure helps me):

  • Narrow your list

Goals are great but if you have too many of them, you will soon see that one goal is distracting you from working on another. Instead of trying to focus on too many goals, narrow it down to 1-3 major goals for any given period of time. Even on a daily basis, you should have 1-3 goals which you are trying to achieve. These goals should tie into your medium and long-term goals so that each day will see you make progress. This ensures that you aren’t spreading yourself too thin and, as a result, losing your motivation.

  • Break down each of your major goals on your Vision Strategy Success Blueprint guide.

Large goals can be very overwhelming (at least for me). This causes you to lose confidence and motivation.  You’ll feel less overwhelmed when you break up a large goal into a series of smaller steps, each with specific, achievable tasks. Instead of focusing on the large goal, you focus on the smaller tasks which you need to complete the larger goal. It will be less daunting and, with each small task completed, you will receive a confidence boost as you realize that you are one step closer to your goal. This makes reaching your ultimate goal that much easier.  You know I like EASY!


  • Have an accountability partner.

As long as the goal is not too personal or confidential in nature; telling people whom you trust about your goal will make you more accountable.  When you have an accountability partner, you’re no longer on your own in your journey. You’re less likely to allow yourself to lose focus and become distracted when you have someone who’s encouraging you.

  • Record, measure and document your process

When you set a goal, one of the first things that you should do is decide how you will measure your progress. It is imperative that you know how you are progressing. As you take action, you can measure the progress and see whether you are making the desired progress or, whether you need to take corrective action.

Start a journal and write about your experience as you pursue your goal. Writing down your thoughts is a great way to maintain your motivation to the end. Your thoughts and feeling can provide you with excellent feedback on your progress and, if you ever have to attempt the same or a similar goal again, you will be able to review your notes to help you create the best plan.  Remember, what gets measured gets results.

  • Keep your Vision Strategy Success Blueprint nearby daily.

Click Here to download your Vision Strategy Success Blueprint.


Remember, the bible says to WRITE the vision down so that he that sees it will be able to run with it.  Written visions help you stay focused!

Remember, desire ALWAYS needs direction to go the distance!

Until we meet again,

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