I’m just getting back from dropping my youngest son off at Penn State University (#18 on the Nittany Lions Football team). For me, learning how to let my kids grow up and forge their own way is extremely hard. I cried all last week. When Saturday came, I SOBBED. I mean the U-G-L-Y cry. In fact, all my kids and my husband (and even my oldest son’s girlfriend) were standing in his dorm room crying and hugging. Sometimes change can be challenging. By the time Sunday came, I changed my perspective. I realized that I wasn’t losing my son, but gaining an ENHANCED version of who he was created to be. It only took me 24 hours to regroup and change my mindset….I guess after all these years of working on my own mindset and helping people all around the world regroup, and transform their mindset, it has become what I often teach from the stage as UNCONSCIENCE COMPETENCE.

The night before we left, he came to my room with a time capsule (it was really a decorated Pringles canister) that he did when he was in the 3rd grade (2006). The instructions were to open it in June 2015, the year he was supposed to graduate from High School. Inside was a tracing of his hand, a picture of the two of us in his classroom, some other pictures of 3rd-grade experiences, but what stood out to me the most was something he had written. On a piece of paper, he said that he was going to be a football star in 2016 and a billionaire (I’m still waiting on that part). But the fact that he WROTE OUT HIS VISION, AND AT THE APPOINTED TIME, IT CAME TO PASS. He is living his dream of playing college football.

You may have heard me say before that we sit down as a family every January and write our out vision for the year. Our kids have done it all their lives. I believe that your tomorrow is created TODAY.

What is your big, audacious, world-class vision for your life? I once heard a billionaire say “when you think big, big things come to you”. I order for you to think big, audacious financial goals you have to…
1. Discard the comforts of your own insecurities
2. You can’t be a quitter. You can never give up on your dreams.
3. Understand that every failure is a step towards your success. We don’t fail, we just regroup.

The Law of Intention says that you get exactly what you intend to get. BIG VISION, BIG PROVISION. Thinking big is an attitude, a belief.

You will always have two choices in life: You can think small or think big, but since you are going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think B-I-G. It’s your choice. No matter what your circumstances are, nobody can stop you from dreaming big.

So in closing, I want you to ENLARGE your thinking. Your wealth depends on it.

Oh, by the way…what makes this story really sweet is that the doctor (actually two doctors) told my son that he would never play football again due to five surgeries…that was three years ago. TODAY, he was on the field of one of the largest, most historically legendary football programs in the country PLAYING BALL. Never let anyone cause you to dream small or not dream at all. Your destiny depends on the clearness of your vision for your life! Never forget…vision produces your strategy! I challenge you to write down your world class vision for your finances today! You can do it. I believe in you!

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