Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. I love it when the seasons change. It always reminds me that my today Is not my future. It reminds me that my tomorrow has the possibility to look very different from my today and that I don’t have to stay stuck in life if I don’t want to. I have the God given right to change what I don’t like about myself, my life, my finances, my circle of influence, my associations, my environment…..everything has the POSSIBILITY to BECOME _____________ (you can fill in the blank).

As early back as middle school, I can remember hating to be around other teens that were constantly negative in their conversation. Like, I would purposefully dodge people coming my way when I felt they were consistently negative. I’ve always hated it. I had no idea it was because of the way I am wired because of the call on my life to help people expand and shift their mindsets as it relates to money, business, and life in general. Because if you upgrade your mindset, you can upgrade the QUALITY of your life. I just remember always feeling irritated with hearing them complain over the same thing over, and over, and over. I would think, even at the age of 13, 14, 15….”THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT”.

I have discovered that every shift requires a new or different mindset or way of thinking. When I talk to people about life, their finances, their jobs, their relationships, I always look for key indicators like the language they use….is it positive or negative. Is it full of believing or doubting? Is it full of expansion or contraction / shrinking down / playing small? Is their conversation full of dreams or nightmares of the past?

More often than not, negative speech comes from a place of fear. Fear is not a wealth strategy. Fear create chaos. Where there is mental chaos, there is no clarity. There are THREE ENEMIES to your wealth and they are INDECISION, DOUBT, and FEAR. ALL THREE ARE BLINDSPOT BLOCKERS. They keep you from moving forward with your journey for financial freedom.

Most people are unaware that the three enemies to wealth even exist. They usually stay hidden in your subconscious mind where they become challenging to locate or worse, hard to eliminate. Before you can defeat an enemy, you must first know it’s name, it’s behaviors, and it’s location (the deep dark hiding places).

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind. Which means, it really doesn’t exist. Your state of mind is subject to control and direction. In order for you to RECEIVE wealth to flow into your life, you have to FIRST BE PREPARED AND OPEN TO IT.

In order for you to combat the three enemies of wealth, you have to kick indecision, doubt and fear in the butt by getting clear on the route you want to take. You have to have the three internal qualities that help you shift internally. Wealth is created INTERNALLY first before you see it EXTERNALLY. Build yourself up daily.

DECISION (the act of making up your mind about something)
CONFIDENCE (belief in yourself)
COURAGE (the quality of spirit that enables you to face fear and move forward in spite of it)

Train your brain to be able to make decisions and then stick to them. Make DECISION TO NOT BE A HAVE NOT and to STAY IN MOTION in the game of money. Read, listen to and create the environment of things that build up your courage and confidence and don’t hang around people that don’t add value in these areas.

The most important thing here is that YOU control your thoughts and your thoughts create your circumstances.

To go from $40K to $1 million in a year, it takes a psychological shift, not just a strategy shift. You have to have the right MINDSET to handle the weightiness of wealth. Most people want it, but many can’t handle it. If you want to dig deeper into being a MENTAL MONEY MAGNET, then invest in the mental transformation you desire.

I have a product that I have created because I have been working with people all over the globe on Mental Money Mastery and I wanted more people to have access to the strategies that I have used to get people from living a life of struggle and scarcity to getting on the right path to wealth activation. If you know you deserve more and you need a mindset shirt….look no further.

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