I was having a conversation with my son this morning and I wanted to share part of our conversation with you. It started because I have been spending more focused time with them on teaching them about investing. Investment comes in many forms and one form is the investment of making the right choice.

I simply texted….

“Slaves don’t think for themselves. They let other people make decisions for them about their own well-being that is not always beneficial to them. When you constantly choose to spend 100% of your income, you’re a slave. Masters know how to multiply what they have and create more. Slaves don’t know how to do this. They’re in the passenger seat of their financial vehicle, letting debt, taxes, and inflation drive. They let the mall drive. They let car dealerships drive. They let cosmetic companies drive. And because they don’t think for themselves, they never reach their financial destination of freedom and independence. You weren’t created to be a slave but most people check themselves into the plantation willingly and they stay there forever and don’t realize that they are a slave. Living financially free is a choice”.

I went on to say…”you need to develop the habit of not spending 100% of your income. You’re becoming a slave and don’t even know it”. See, I’ve raised him to know the difference. I realize that we all get off track in life sometimes, but that’s why your ENVIRONMENT MATTERS. You need people in your life that know the vision and can hold you accountable to it. I’ve made it crystal clear that I’m not leaving an inheritance to a slave. I’ve broken that cycle and I am determined IT WILL NEVER RETURN to my bloodline. I have drawn a line in the sand and crossed over. I don’t do rear view driving…

I come in contact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. And the one common denominator that we all have is the ability to CHOOSE. HOW and WHAT you choose is evident in your daily lives by the life you live. And whatever you want your future to look like, you CHOOSE TODAY, not TOMORROW to design, construct, and grow it to be the wonderful masterpiece that you see in your vision. Building is done over time, not overnight.

So, as you finish up the end of the year, take inventory on the decisions you are making. Would they go in the “slave” category or the “master” category? See, masters make choices that move them closer to their desired destination. Slaves make choices that move them further away from their desired destination. There are two voices living in your head…the voice of poverty and the voice of wealth. Which one are you listening to?

Here are 3 steps to help you make better choices:

Choice #1: Wisely choose what to give your attention, effort and concentration to.

There are a million things that compete for your attention on a daily basis. The kids, your job, your boss, your church, the television show EMPIRE, etc…Where attention goes, energy flows. What you attend to and focus on and your pattern for doing so shapes your entire life.

Choice #2: Quickly decide, what does this all mean?

At the end of the day, how you feel about your life has nothing to do with the events in it or with your financial condition or what has (or hasn’t) happened to you. The quality of your life is controlled by the meaning you give these things. So often, people are blind to the effect of your mindset in allocating meaning and emotion to life’s events. When life “just happens” to you and you experience a set back like a lost job or a car accident or unexpected medical bills or your car, the refrigerator and the microwave all break down at the same time (this just happened to me)…do you automatically think that this is the end or the beginning of something?

Your life takes on whatever meaning you assign to it. With each meaning comes a exclusive feeling or emotion and the quality of your life involves where you live emotionally. Most people don’t realize that one of the four money zones is EMOTION. YOUR EMOTIONS AFFECT YOUR FINANCES.

Choice #3: How will you choose to react and what will you do?

The actions you take are powerfully shaped by the emotional state you’re in at the moment. If you’re angry, you’re going to behave quite differently than if you’re feeling happy and joyful. If you want to shape your actions, the fastest way is to change what you focus on and you’re your attention to so that you can shift the meaning to be something more empowering, something that serves your life vision on a higher level.

What you give your attention to, how you feel about live events and the actions you take all are choices that you hold the power to change so you can be a master of your money and not a slave to the bondage of financial ineptness.

Choose wisely!

Peace and I wish you a wealthy experience!

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