I was inspired to write this e-zine this morning after having a long conversation last night with my oldest son, who happens to be a sophomore in college. He walked in my bedroom at 11:00 pm and as many of you who are mothers know, we have this instinct of “KNOWING” when something is not right with your child (ren). I took one look at him and I knew. I started with one simple question: “What’s wrong, Son? Talk to me”. My husband and I spent the next couple of hours listening to him and talking to him about the POWER OF DECISION, ENVIRONMENT, and the PROCESS OF CHANGE.

To take control of your life in any area, no matter if its finances, unprofitable relationships, your health or your career, you MUST take control of the strength of making a decision. Inaction doesn’t solve problems. Doing nothing can be just as damaging as making the wrong decision. I see this ALL the time with people and their money. They don’t know what to do, so they do nothing. (Ummmm, Is that a winning plan???)

Not making a decision to move (in any direction, let alone forward) has POWER too. It has the power to keep you stuck, inoperable, achieving nothing, and believing nothing is possible. The power of indecision has strength. The strength to be terminal to your dreams and desires. The power of indecision keeps walls up and barriers blocking you. The power of indecision is rooted in fear and nothing good ever comes out of being fearful all your life. The POWER of indecision keeps you from having control over your financial life; it causes you to not develop plans of action and inaction = BROKE. THAT’S HOW POWERFUL indecision is!

I’ve seen people pass up opportunities that would position them to live the life they deserve because they couldn’t make a decision.

My mentor once said “that there are dreamers that have this vision in their soul and then there are deciders that live their dreams. Deciders are the ones that make the decision to change. Decisions create the world you want to live in.”

If you don’t like your life, then change the decisions that you are making. If you don’t like the current state of your money, then change the decisions you are making. When you make a decision, you take immediate action. That’s what we told our son. So, I am going to tell you the same thing that we told our son. If there is an area of your life that you don’t like, then make different decisions.

The power to change anything in your life is born the moment you take immediate action, so let’s take some action!

1. List out 3-4 new actions you know you should take NOW.
2. What is the pain you’ve associated with these actions that have kept you from following through? WRITE IT DOWN.
3. List out any pleasures you were able to get from now following through on these 3-4 actions.
4. For each thing you have listed, describe what it will cost you if you don’t follow through. What will you miss out on? What will you not achieve? What opportunity will you lose?
5. What are the benefits you will gain from taking action on each of the things you listed? How will it improve your life? Write down your answers.
Writing things out helps me a lot when I need to make a decision. More importantly, the right decision.

What do you want your future self to look like? Only you can DECIDE that. Your future will be a sum total of the decisions you make today. Make sure you unleash the right power….THE POWER OF DECISION, to build the future you desire.

Sending peace and love your way!

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