Do you know what you want for this year? Have you thought about it? Given your attention to it? Laid out the vision? Written the vision down? Is it posted up where you can see if every day? Can other people see it? Are you running with it? EVERY DAY….ARE…YOU…RUNNING…WITH…THE…VISION?
I often tell people that they don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. I have heard people say over the years about having vision boards and vision parties and especially recently on social media I see people talking about vision boards all over the place.

For years now, my family would sit together at our dining room table every January and write down our vision for the year. I actually started writing my vision down for 2015 in November 2014. I believe to be ABUNDANCE ATTRACTIVE, you need clarity and not just a bunch of pretty pictures of clothes, luxury cars, designer purses, haute couture stilettos, watches, and diamonds……That’s NOT wealth. That’s a consumer mindset, not a producer mindset. There is nothing wrong with that, I LOVE LUXURY. But those pictures don’t give me a plan. My vision board consists of Business Goals, Asset Goals, Fun Goals, Education Goals, and Health Goals. TRUE VISION NEEDS ACTION PLANS AS IT’S ACCOMPANYING PARTNER. Faith without works is dead. It produces nothing. I have learned over the years that cutting pictures out of magazines and gluing them to a poster board usually just hung on the wall and left me just as confused and unmotivated as ever.

While planning your vision is significant and essential to growth, I can without a shadow of a doubt say most people don’t have a problem with casting vision or at least saying what they want. This issue is, DO THEY KNOW HOW TO GET IT? That’s a different story.
What’s missing from people’s vision boards is one keyword: STRATEGY.

This is the action word missing from most people’s approach to creating the best life ever for their new year. When most people make an attempt to move their vision from the board to an actionable plan that works for them, they are missing the right strategy.

A vision board without a plan is simply nice artwork on the wall.


Ummmm, maybe we should call it a Vision Plan instead. When you have a strategy or a strategic plan, you can begin to see the manifestation of your vision. Your desired outcomes need direction to go the distance. You can, with the right strategy, create a realistic and attainable outline for your goals.

Pictures and words on the wall are reminders of our next level. They aren’t the vehicles used to get us to the next level. It’s what you do daily that crafts the momentum to see the manifestation. So I would encourage you to work on your VISION PLAN and watch your wallet grow!

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