If you are a woman who is committed to becoming wealthy, congratulations! You are in the right place. We are here to be a resource for you and cheer you on in your journey toward wealth, abundance, and financial freedom.

Many people start the journey to be wealthy with a good deal of optimism, resolve, and commitment. They decide to be wealthy, they’re tired of being poor, and they set out to achieve that.

Sound familiar?

If this is you, you should know that optimism, resolve, and commitment alone aren’t enough.

  • Optimism says, “The journey will never be tougher than what I can handle.”
  • Resolve says, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
  • Commitment says, “I said I was going to do this, and I jolly well intend to follow through.”

But all of these three qualities can get stuck scratching their heads at one simple question that you’ll ask yourself sooner or later down the road.

The question you’ll ask yourself is this:

Why am I doing this?

If you don’t have a solid answer fully prepared and ready to go to silence that question, it can knock you down and derail you from achieving your goals, if not permanently, at least temporarily until you get that question answered.

This sneaky question doesn’t come into your mind when you’re feeling euphoric about visualizing the day when you finally have enough money to live, save, spend, invest, and give away.

No, it’ll come into your mind at 2:00 in the morning when you’re working that extra job, and you’re coming down with a cold and you have 3 kids’ birthdays coming up in the next month and you don’t have anything to give them.

It’ll come into your mind when you’re going above and beyond to earn that big break that’s just around the corner, keeping a brave smile on your face despite being humiliated by people who already have it made.

It’ll come into your mind when, despite your best efforts at a project that should have succeeded, you taste the bitter taste of failure and you’re looking at a delay and a setback of the timeline when you expected to achieve your goals.

When that question sneaks into your mind at the lowest moment, girl, you’d better not say this:

I don’t know why I’m doing this. In fact, you know what? Things were a whole lot easier before I decided to kill myself on this pursuit. I’d better just let it go.

You’d better have an answer to that question, “Why?”

And your answer had better be good.

So I want you to sit down right now with a piece of paper and come up with a resounding answer to that question, “Why.”

Your assignment in the next 10 minutes is to fix your eyes firmly on the end goal that you’ve envisioned for yourself and then list down all the reasons that will transcend those low moments when you ask yourself why.

When that sneaky question sidles up to you and whispers, “Why are you doing this, anyway?” I want you to be able to bellow the answer back at your doubts.

  • “I’m doing this for my kids!”
  • “I’m doing this because when I get to the end of my life, I’m going to look back and have no regrets.”
  • “I’m doing this because it is going to make THIS [fill in the blank] possible.
  • “I’m doing this because the world is going to be a better place after I break through this scarcity and have the flexibility to share all the beautiful things that I have to offer.”

What’s YOUR Why?

Do you have it memorized? Is it compelling enough to transcend the bitterest moment that you’ll encounter on your journey?

Defining your “why” isn’t just some kind of leadership mumbo-jumbo. It’s a well-known fact that the people who set out to achieve something big are much more likely to succeed if they have a clearly defined why. Once you know your why, you can wield it like a sword. Whip it out and kill those doubts every time they arise.

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