Headquartered in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area Holland & Holland Enterprises, LLC® is a financial development and wealth activation education enterprise that specialize in money mindset mastery, economic elevation, wealth empowerment, innovative business systems education and development, peak investment cycle performance education, and executive wealth coaching solutions for industry leaders globally.


LaShawne is one of the foremost experts in the industry and is a master of optimizing human equity. Engage LHI for the following:

  • Keynotes
  • Live Event Hosting
  • Wealth Performance Coaching
  • Women’s Events / Conferences
  • Business Empowerment Events
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  • College Workshop Presenter on Money Mastery
  • Brand Elevation & Marketing Campaigns
  • Bootcamps on Entrepreneurship, Branding, Economic Elevation
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Holland & Holland Enterprises, LLC® specializes in wealth amplification strategy. In addition to delivering VIBRANT speaking and executive development programs, we are CONNOISSEURS in connecting people with their personal wealth patterns through money mapping and inspirational impartations at live events and training intensives.


Dr. Vikki Johnson
Life Connection Coach, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

I met LaShawne Holland through a mutual friend. I loved her wit, beauty, smile, generosity and her unapologetic bodacious spirit! After attending her “Money Made Easy Tour” and being exposed to her “wealth of wisdom” (pun intended) I knew in my heart my “financial blueprint” had changed forever!!! LaShawne helped me realize in order to change my money reality I must change what I believed about money. Thanks to LaShawne I’m participating in my own financial rescue and wealth creation!!!

Shun Strickland
Dream Coach, Founder of Shun Strickland Enterprises

Use What’s In Your Hands

I’ve known LaShawne Holland for many years but in 2011 we had a conversation that changed my life. I was talking about my desire to change my family’s finances. We made good money but I wanted more, I wanted debt freedom and options. She listening patiently and then said, “use what’s in your hands.” After seeing my look of confusion, she took me to 2 Kings 4 and explains the story of the widow woman who is in debt and the creditors are coming to take her sons to pay the debt. She reminded me of how the prophet Elijah asked her what was in her house. When she told him she had a little oil, he instructed her to go borrow pots from her neighbors, shut her door and pour the oil. As the woman poured the oil, God increased it and filled every pot she provided. She took the oil and sold it, paid off her debt and lived off the rest. I was very familiar with the story but I had never seen it in the way LaShawne taught it. God gave the woman a business that changed her life. He multiplied what she had. What an amazing concept! God would prosper what I had but I had to use what was in my hands.

That statement and teaching changed every thing for me. It helped me to see I had options. I had gifts, talents and abilities I could use to change my life. I knew my purpose was to help women live their dreams but I had never thought about doing it as a career until that conversation. I’m now a certified life coach that helps women live their God given dreams. I’m building a business that empowers other whiles empowering me to live my own dreams and help my husband, Edwin redefine the financial possibilities for our family.

Adrienne Crews
Owner of Executive For Hire

When I first encountered LHI, I was in dire straits. My finances were in disarray and as a result every area of my life was suffering. I was struggling to make ends meet, struggling to get out of the hole and I just could not see my way from where I was to where I knew I should be. My entire world was unstable from one financial blow after another and for the life of me I could not get my footing. In comes LaShawne Holland and within 10 minutes of hearing her speak I felt the hope return to my soul. You know the phrase “so easy a child could do it”? That’s how the world of finances became to me. The initial session I attended was mind blowing because the concepts and guidelines she provided were absolutely simple – AND YET I HAD NEVER THOUGHT TO DO THEM BEFORE! I took every word she said to heart. Some of it was like honey on a burn – soothing and reassuring like everything was going to be ok. Some of it was like medicine – sometimes hard to swallow but still necessary for total recovery. Most days I celebrated the new hope I had, some days I dreaded the next ACTION ITEM. Some of the simplest tasks would have me questioning my sanity LOL.

I won’t bore you with the up and down details but what I will tell you is that YOU have to decide that staying the same is NOT an option. Fast Forward a few years, several programs (many on repeat because of my blueprint) and one AMAZING Money Made Easy MasterClass later and I am now 3 weeks from being debt free, have paid off TWO student loan s, am HAPPY to manage my money, no longer carry shame for my struggle, started a business the RIGHT way, have increased my credit score by over 100 POINTS, have a savings I’m proud of , a plan for retirement AND am in the process of creating MULTIPLE STREAMS of income from what’s already in my hand. When I tell you that my life did a 180 degree shift from confusion to clarity, from fear to feats, from broke to being the lender and from paralyzing to profitable – you better KNOW this is the truth! The process isn’t easy, the commitment isn’t easy and financial freedom is not for the weak, whiny, complacent or faint of heart. You have to have a WHY, a definite PURPOSE and an UNDYING COMMITMENT to winning at the game of money. LaShawne can show you how to do that. Hear me when I tell you — LaShawne Holland MAKES MONEY EASY!

Tihesha E. Simmons, RN BSN
T.S.RN Training Services

Thanks LaShawne,

You inspire me and push me to go forward. I did not think I could start another business after my husband and I filed bankruptcy, losing our trucking company and 3 rental properties in 2008. You helped me see that my today is not my forever and that seasons change. The no embarrassment zone that you set in the beginning of the Masterclass helped me to open myself up to the realities and the roots in my financial life but not let them dictate my tomorrow. I cannot tell you how much you and Rob have helped us and continue to help us. It’s been 7 years this year since we filed bankruptcy. I was so stuck feeling like a failure. My only hope was to go back to school and get my RN degree so that I could get a decent job and be (just over broke).

But God!! I started your quick start teleclass in Nov. 2013 and started looking for ways to increase my income. You said ” what’s in your hand?” and I remembered that I use to have an imaginary class when I was a little girl but I did not think being a nurse would allow me to teach as a business. Scared and fearful, I went to my employer and asked if I could teach a state regulated medication class for them and I have now created a business out of it. I was so pumped that I asked them if I could become a CPR Instructor for the company and that gave me the experience I needed to open a virtual training center and offer those classes through my business as well.

Your system works! Your strategies are absolutely effective. This is only the beginning. I am starting to dream again of the possibilities.

You really are the Voice of Money, The Queen of Green and the “Global” Wealth Activator!! I can’t wait to see all of this unfold as well.

I will not be at the tour Saturday but I am planning to come to Wealthy Woman Rock! If you need me to write a testimony to share, I would be more than happy to do so.

Thanks again for doing what God has called you to do,