A 90 day Program To
Discover Your Bankable Purpose

If you’re alive on this planet, you were not only destined for greatness, but you were given a promise…you were BORN TO MULTIPLY.

Living a truly abundant, rich life starts with understanding the gifts God gave to you when you entered this world…your Bankable Purpose.

Over the next 90 days, let me teach you how to open up the greatest abundance stream in your life!

Twenty+ years ago, my husband Rob and I were completely broke and swimming in credit card debt. I was an accountant but I was CLUELESS when it came to wealth creation!

I met a man who later became my first multiplying mentor and he taught us to use what’s in ours hands to create Revenue Rivers in our life. It was revolutionary thinking because I thought I had to win the lottery or inherit a bunch of money to start my wealth creation.

Little did I know the greatest wealth-creation
secret was right there in my very hands!

In my exclusive BORN TO MULTIPLY mentoring program, I will be mentoring you on a journey to identify your greatest gifts, passions and talents and turn them into revenue rivers. Multiple revenue rivers can absolutely set you free from debt and create a foundation for creating true wealth and financial freedom in your life.

Doing this in my own life set us on a path to creating great wealth, but it had to start somewhere! You don’t have to worry about how you’ll get to the end, just make a start.

How It Works

Every other week, you’ll get a BTM lesson made up of one or more videos that focuses on
your Ultimate Money Mindset and your Bankable Purpose.

At the end of each lesson, I’m going to give you specific Money Action homework that will take at least 45-60 minutes each week to complete.

You’ll get access to 1 Q&A office hours a month, where you can receive LIVE mentoring from me- your Wealthy Life Architect

AND – you’ll get 24-7 access to our Private Born To Multiply Facebook group where you can ask any question you have on getting starting, your beliefs around money, discovering and understanding how your gift can create money in your hands, how to set up your first revenue stream and any other burning questions you may have about the weekly lessons. We guarantee you’ll get an answer from #teamholland!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:


6 Core BTM Lessons over 90 days PLUS - Bonus Spirit and Mindset lessons


Intro video and walkthrough

– Committing to the Journey
– Creating the Mindset of a Producer

Module 1:

Purpose Design

There’s nothing worse that putting in all of the effort to build a business and then realizing it wasn’t the right one for you, that you’re drowning, bored, uninspired or over it. When that happens, it becomes nearly impossible to take it the next level. In Module 1, you’ll learn how to Purposefully Design your Life and Money around what makes your heart sing.

Lesson 1 is about getting LASER FOCUSED around the things that are important to you. You can come up with a million ideas, but you can NOT build a million revenue streams. Let’s connect you to your core, your ambitions, the ways we can make your life amazing so you can always make decisions based on your PURPOSE.

Module 2:

What’s In Your Hands

In Lesson 2, I’m going to dive deep with you to uncover what you already have in your hands that can be leveraged to build money streams. I’ll give you my best testing tools to discover your strengths, how you’re wired and what you know to be true. You’ve already had clues as to where money opportunities are hanging out in your life (loves, passions, obsessions) – let me help you focus and turn them into MONEY OPPORTUNITIES.

Module 3:

The Wealth Lab

Deciding what business to start
Back to focus
Back to core ideas
Designing a business around your purpose, loves, passions, obsessions
Research (is this needed in the market)
Uncovering how to use your gifts to increase your income
Wealth Lab – you’re literally going to go into your lab and create your business
How far can you see into the future? Where could you REALLY take this?
You don’t have to have the entire business of 5 years figured out–just the first step

Module 4:

Blueprint Planning

Verifying your market (short cut – has it been done?)
The real verification comes in your commitment AND your first dollar
How to use YOUR GIFTS to make money
Service vs. product
Seeing money where others have seen it
Seeing money where others have NEVER seen it
Do people want it? How to find out.
You literally transfer your gift into money
The IDEA that creates a Revenue River

Module 5:

Intentional Business Design—Part 1

Wealthy people don’t life and business differently than the poor and middle class. In Lesson 5, I’m going to teach you wealth business practices, the Daily Purpose Rituals and wealth habits that will take you from beginner to Wealthpreneur®. We’ll create a roadmap to help you navigate when you get stuck and set up a tracking system so you know you’re on the RIGHT TRACK!

Module 6:

Intentional Business Design—Part 2

That pathway to success isn’t brand new. Millions have people have already paved the way! In Lesson 6, we explore how to set up your Wealthy Tribe that will help pour into you, give you mentorship, and help you cross the finish line. You absolutely need to surround yourself with people who are further down the path than you and in Lesson 6, we explore how to quantum leap your success by creating a Wealthy Tribe of advisors.

PLUS, You’ll Get Access To My Million Dollar Bankable Purpose Resource Center!

Module 7:

Ideal Client

In this module, you’ll do a deep-dive into one of the most important pieces of building an amazing business and it’s one of the Foundational Pillars – The Ideal Client.

ALL aspects of your business, from your coaching, signature talks, your products, programs, your sales, marketing– the very fabric of your business, is influenced by your Ideal Client. This is where most start ups fail because they are not able to clearly define their ideal client or customer avatars. Customers congregate in different places in the marketplace and once you know who your ideal client is, you can them identify where your ideal client is located in the marketplace and build from there.

The Born to Multiply® Bankable Purpose Program isn’t just a program, it’s a SYSTEM that should be applied to your business each and every day. Defining, clarifying and growing your business is an iterative process and the principles taught in this training will be helpful to revisit at various points throughout the evolution of your enterprise.

Module 8:

Magnetic Messaging

In this module, LaShawne teaches the formula for developing simple yet powerful messaging that connect with the pain and pleasure of your ideal client. She covers distinctions such as ‘Your XYZ’, ‘What I’ve Found’ and ‘Your Story’ all of which, combined, make for a powerful introduction to you, your brand and your products and services.

Module 9:

The Client Journey

In this module LaShawne will help you define your Proprietary Methodology – how you do what you do. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that they don’t do anything ‘special’ when in fact each and every one of us has a unique TAG that was deposited into us before the foundations of the world that helps us be able to approach and service our clients in the best way. Spending some time appreciating HOW you do what you do will give you great insights into what makes you different and you may even find that there are elements of how you do what you do that you weren’t even aware of. This module will help you uncover and define what you offer, how to create Godfather Offers, building your value pyramid, you will learn the perfect launch strategy for profits, value-based pricing and so much more.

Module 10:

Goal Setting

So often, people treat building wealth and building a profitable business like a moving target. LaShawne introduces her method for creating goals that hit the target of what you desire to build. This module is important because as you begin to set your goals this process allows you to establish your day to day and month to month action plans.

Module 11:

Authentic Enrollment

Selling is the most important and most avoided aspect of entrepreneurship.If it’s not making money, it’s not making sense. In this module you’ll learn why selling should be embraced as the greatest tool for making an impact and providing value to your potential customer, and how to step into the sales environment with a powerful script that allows you to be authentic and in total service to your customer, while making the exchange for the sale. All this is done without being pushy, salesy, or untrue.

Module 12:

Predictable Marketing

LaShawne shares how to leverage everything you’ve built up until this point in the Born to Multiply Program to create all of your marketing materials. Sometimes it feels like there’s so much to do in our businesses, but the truth is that once you create your Core 4, pretty much everything else is a simple re-purposing of your core messaging and training so you are not on the wheel of constant creating.

Module 13:

Marketing Automation

In this module, LaShawne teaches the importance of creating a high value lead magnet that converts the people who are just interested into the clients that are committed to your brand and business. A lead magnet is almost always the beginning of a more extensive market automation campaign and is the key to building a list of interested and engaged prospects. This allows you to make money while you’re sleeping.

About (Me) Your Wealthy Life Architect:


As one of the nation’s leading experts on the art of activating wealth potential, Financial Architect, Entrepreneur and Chief Financial Officer, LASHAWNE HOLLAND is Founder The Wealthy Leaders Institute and Chairman of LaShawne Holland International® (a dba of Holland & Holland Enterprises, LLC).

She is author of Financial Intimacy, and founder of The Wealthy Women ROCK! Live Event™ and The Money Made Easy Masterclass Network™.

As a revolutionary and inventive woman in the world of personal finance, she is also President of Finergy, Inc., a financial services company, and the owner of
Holland & Holland Enterprises, LLC – a full-service wealth activation company responsible for educating, empowering, and elevating the personal currency mapping of women of means in the marketplace. She is Founder of the Wealthy Women ROCK! Live Event, an annual women’s wealth development summit.

I never imagined that just shortly after launching my brand Dominate with Crystal that I would be traveling to different states and now other countries to help busy women all over the world to find balance and dominate life! I'll never forget where it all began... in the Velocity Mastermind Group. LaShawne has an amazing gift to activate purpose in those that are willing to do the work. As I continue to grow and develop my brand and conquer other business ventures, I will be forever grateful for the information and wisdom that I learned from her and this program.

— Crystal Robinson,
Dominate With Crystal

Prior to the mastermind, I had no clue who my ideal clients were in my existing company or how to market my services B2B or B2C. The Velocity program helped me to narrow my focus and gain clarity of who I wanted to serve and position my company to attract those ideal clients. Thereby, increasing my revenue this year by 50%. In addition, I was able to start building an expert brand in the profession that I have enjoyed for over 14 years, special needs nursing.

— Tihesha Simmons, RN, BSN

I joined Velocity while working a full-time job, after spending thousands of dollars on other courses and programs to get my side-business off the ground. Within 8 months, I'd made back the cost of the program, with interest. More importantly, I had momentum and built friendships with fellow entrepreneurs that I'll carry for life. If you're serious about getting off the bench and in the game where your business is concerned, join Velocity - you won't regret it.

— Melanie Duppins
Nonprofit exec and Breaker28 founder

I started Velocity just when I was ending my marriage and it was both at the wrong and right time! I didn’t think I could afford the class however the truth is I couldn’t afford not to take the class. I let LaShawne know everything I was encountering and going through and she Never let me stay in a funk.

— Carmen Calhoun,

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