Life Favors the PREPARED

Life Favors the PREPARED

We spend time planning the arrival of our kids.  We spend time planning what to wear on a daily basis.  We spend time planning weddings, happy hour events, meet ups with family and friends. We spend time planning our vacations.  But how much time are you spending...

Change the Face of Status Quo

I have been thinking about you quite often – It’s just been a really busy season for me. I am, by no means complaining. So, today, I wanted to take the time out to have a heart to heart with you about something that has been on my mind and bothering me for a few weeks...

Vision Plan

Do you know what you want for this year? Have you thought about it? Given your attention to it? Laid out the vision? Written the vision down? Is it posted up where you can see if every day? Can other people see it? Are you running with it? EVERY...

5 SECRETS To Creating

Massive Abundance

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