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Reset Your Mind, Reset Your Money NOW! Price – $15.00
This dynamic audio will absolutely change your life. Reset your Mind, Reset Your Money NOW! If you are ready to change the financial climate in your life, then you must start with first “Resetting Your Mind”. Order NOW!

We are a financial development and wealth activation education company. We specialize in financial breakthrough development in helping people to locate where they are currently in their financial blueprint, and help them ascertain what they want their “best wealthy self” to look like in their future. We are the supplier to financial solutions in the marketplace and homes all around the globe.Purchase

Money Mindset Mastery 101 – Only $57.00

“You have to be wealthy on the inside way before you ever see it manifested on the outside. When your minds prospers, your wallet will follow ” – LaShawne Holland

In “Mindset Money Mastery 101”, LaShawne guides you through a virtual course to expose the things that block you from seeing your money path clearly. You will learn how to develop a winning mindset and to create your own custom prosperity plan to help you see what’s possible and build legacy income.

You will learn how to:

1. Become aware of the past programming and disbeliefs that are preventing you from living a freedom based lifestyle

2. Learn LaShawne’s personal wealth declarations that will build your confidence to empower you move past where you are and place you on the path to where you desire to be

3. Discover the necessary key step to take to position you for the wealth transfer

4. Prepare your personal wealth playbook for building and protecting wealth

5. Create the environment for wealth to flow to you and not from you

Includes 2 MP3 (digital audio files) for immediate access to encorporate in your personal wealth library.Purchase

Financial Revolution Quickstart Teleclass Price – $197.00
Are you absolutely pleased with your financial condition at this current moment?  Do you have plenty of cash flow right now to provide the lifestyle you want for your family or others indefinitely?  Your road map to financial change starts here!  If you have ever thought to yourself that you need to get your financial affairs in order, then the Financial Revolution Quickstart Teleclass Series is your guide to financial freedom.Purchase
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Money Made Easy Masterclass – $497, Valued at $997
The Money Made Easy Masterclass™ is a virtual five month money mastery intensive that teaches you how to remove financial barriers and helps you discover the things that block you from moving forward with your money. You will learn money mindset mastery techniques, how to raise your credit score FAST, debt reduction strategies for the NEW ECONOMY, cash flow management principles that WORK, learn the financial formula that creates abundance, wealth mapping and so much more! This intensive also empowers you to have more confidence, clarity, and the POWER OF CHOICE! Knowing HOW to win in the game of money gives you options. It gives you CHOICES! If you want to position yourself for wealth to flow TO YOU and not FROM YOU, then this incredible money mastery intensive is for you!Purchase
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Abundance Attraction Intensive – $127/month for 12 months

  1. Abundance Attraction is designed to provide the emerging money master (YOU) with all the elements you need to know to achieve financial success. It’s an affordable solution for people who need RESULTS or are in need of consistent coaching and accountability in the right environment to accelerate your money in the right direction to WIN in the game of money.
  2. You will receive access to the live calls, checklist, worksheets, downloads. You will also gain access to our Membership site which will house the call recordings.
  3. Get on the line once a month with LaShawne as she will share for approximately 45 minutes per call. She will explore insightful topics that will provoke you to change your current financial situation.

You will be billed $127 per month for 12 months.

Money Made Easy Wealth Organizer – $257.00
For many people, getting your financial life in order can seem like an overpowering, dreadful task to complete. The solution is to break this task up into “chunks” so it becomes achievable. Financial empowerment comes from having your financial intelligence and your financial house working together in synergy, to accomplish the vision of a freedom based lifestyle.

The primary step in the process is being organized. Often times, disorganization has a cost attached to it and its price is your piece of mind. The Money Made Easy Foundational Wealth Organizer was created to help you get your financial house in order so you can feel confident and have clarity of financial purpose. Included in the Money Made Easy Foundational Wealth Organizer is educational material in an EASY to understand language, worksheets to help you work through all the important information you may need in case of a financial event occurs, and checklists of what you need to locate and place inside of the binder. There are seven days in a week and “Someday” isn’t one of them. Get your financial house in order today!

Subjects Covered: Personal Data, Estate Planning, Love Insurance®, Income & Expenses, Real Estate, Golden Years Retirement Planning, Income Tax, Banking and Investment Education.Purchase

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Wealth Journal (7x10)
My Wealth Journal – Only $35

LaShawne Holland presents her Deuteronomy Eight Eighteen Wealth Journal.Purchase


Wealthy_New Black T
Wealthy is the New Black T-Shirt – Only $25

LaShawne Holland presents her Wealthy is the New Black T-Shirt. Sizes available include S-2XL.Purchase

#Wealthpreneur T-Shirt – Only $25

LaShawne Holland presents her #Wealthpreneur T-Shirt. Sizes available include S-2XL.Purchase

Born to Multiply T-Shirt – Only $25

LaShawne Holland presents her Born to Multiply T-Shirt. Sizes available include S-2XL.Purchase

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