Money Made

Easy Masterclass

The Money Made Easy Masterclass™ is a virtual five-month intensive that teaches you the Five Stages of Wealth Growth, how to overhaul your relationship with money, and how to remove financial barriers.

You Will Learn:

The 5 Stages Of Wealth–where you are right now, and how to level up
How To Get Your Mind RIGHT using these Money Mindset Mastery Techniques
How To Raise Your Credit Score FAST
Debt Reduction Strategies
Cash Flow Management Principles That WORK
Learn The Financial Formula That Creates Abundance
The Art Of Wealth Mapping
This Intensive Also Empowers You To have more confidence, clarity, and the POWER OF CHOICE!
Knowing HOW to win in the game of money gives you options. It gives you CHOICES! If you want to position yourself for wealth to flow TO YOU and not FROM YOU, then this in credible money mastery intensive is for you

5+ Hours of

Training Lessons

+ PLUS: Transcripts

+ PLUS: Worksheets

and Assignments

Worksheets and Assignments includes:

  • A Financial Audit
  • Money Action Sheets
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Ethical Will
  • Money Relations Activity Drill
  • Spending Analysis Worksheet
  • The Money Tree Transcript
  • Great Credit Made Easy
  • Sample Payoff Priority List Template
  • Script for Credit Card Negotiations
  • Retirement Income Sheet
  • Life Insurance Made Easy Checklist
  • Asset & Liability Review Worksheet
  • Personal Liability Exposure Test
  • Wealth Mapping Made Easy
LaShawne is a walking financial visionary who provides you with the precise vehicles necessary to arrive in a place of lasting abundance. She is exactly what this generation needs right now to go to the next level.

— Marshawn Evans Daniels,
Godfidence Coach & Founder of ME University

Before I started working with LaShawne I wasn’t clear on how I wanted to monetize my services. After attending Wealthy Revolution LIVE and enrolling in her Money Made Easy program not only did I get clear on what service to provide, but LaShawne also gave me 3 other service ideas that has increased my income an additional five figures within a four month period.

— Nikita B. Williams

I started Velocity just when I was ending my marriage and it was both at the wrong and right time! I didn’t think I could afford the class however the truth is I couldn’t afford not to take the class. I let LaShawne know everything I was encountering and going through and she Never let me stay in a funk.

— Carmen Calhoun,

5 SECRETS To Creating

Massive Abundance

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