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You have to be wealthy on the inside way before you ever see it manifested on the outside. When your mind prospers, your wallet will follow ” – LaShawne Holland
In this Mindset Money Mastery 101 class, LaShawne takes you on a journey to expose the things that block you from seeing your money path clearly. You will learn how to develop a winning mindset and to create your own custom prosperity plan to help you see what’s possible and build legacy income.

You Will Learn:

How to become aware of the past programming and disbeliefs that are preventing you from living a freedom based lifestyle.
LaShawne’s personal wealth declarations that will build your confidence, empower you to move past where you are and place you on the path to where you desire to be.
The KEY STEP you MUST TAKE to position you for the wealth transfer.
Prepare your personal wealth playbook for building and protecting wealth.
Create the environment for wealth to flow to you and not from you.
Includes 2 MP3 (digital audio files) for
immediate access to incorporate
in your personal wealth library.
LaShawne is a walking financial visionary who provides you with the precise vehicles necessary to arrive in a place of lasting abundance. She is exactly what this generation needs right now to go to the next level.

— Marshawn Evans Daniels,
Godfidence Coach & Founder of ME University

Before I started working with LaShawne I wasn’t clear on how I wanted to monetize my services. After attending Wealthy Revolution LIVE and enrolling in her Money Made Easy program not only did I get clear on what service to provide, but LaShawne also gave me 3 other service ideas that has increased my income an additional five figures within a four month period.

— Nikita B. Williams

I started Velocity just when I was ending my marriage and it was both at the wrong and right time! I didn’t think I could afford the class however the truth is I couldn’t afford not to take the class. I let LaShawne know everything I was encountering and going through and she Never let me stay in a funk.

— Carmen Calhoun,

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