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When I first encountered LHI, I was in dire straits. My finances were in disarray and as a result every area of my life was suffering. I was struggling to make ends meet, struggling to get out of the hole and I just could not see my way from where I was to where I knew I should be. My entire world was unstable from one financial blow after another and for the life of me I could not get my footing. In comes LaShawne Holland and within 10 minutes of hearing her speak I felt the hope return to my soul.

LaShawne Holland is more than a financial coach. She is a walking financial visionary who provides you with the precise vehicles necessary to arrive in a place of lasting abundance. She is exactly what this generation needs right now to go to the next level. I’m proud to see that she not only found her voice, but that she is living her true divine purpose. Her message and mission were born for the masses!

I met LaShawne Holland through a mutual friend. I loved her wit, beauty, smile, generosity and her unapologetic bodacious spirit! After attending her “Money Made Easy Tour” and being exposed to her “wealth of wisdom” (pun intended) I knew in my heart my “financial blueprint” had changed forever!!! LaShawne helped me realize in order to change my money reality I must change what I believed about money. Thanks to LaShawne I’m participating in my own financial rescue and wealth creation!!!

I can’t say how impactful this program has been without saying I am so grateful for the life of LaShawne Holland and Family. A First Generation, Wealthy, Black, Down to Earth, Christian, Dope, Selfless, WomanBoss (I didn’t even know all those words could go together) and to see you execute so beautifully, WOW, Just WOW! I personally feel so blessed to be connected. I don’t say this from a place of sucking up or impure motive. It is not about how rich or wealthy you are but about how rich and wealthy you are in God, being CRYSTAL CLEAR about your purpose, authentic in your approach, unapologetically you and the results you yield in your life and the lives of those around you. I absolutely love me some you! #generationalimpact

Deondra Lewis

LaShawne is a role model for all, but the magnitude in which she can impact a person’s life depends on just that – the PERSON! I have given LaShawne Holland, “The Queen of Green” and “Global Wealth Activator” FULL access into my life and finances. I have positioned myself to remain teachable and be a doer regardless what my current looks like. I have full control over the direction my life travels and poverty/lack is not it. LaShawne eliminates EXCUSES with the intent of activating confidence and purpose. I know many question “How” LaShawne reached her current status of wealth, well friend her programs is HOW! We are magnets that draw, attract what we want why not let it be MONEY! Abundance Attractive I Am! I began LaShawne Holland’s Abundance Attraction Intensive in May 2017.

Tyshonna Delaney

Before I started working with LaShawne I wasn’t clear on how I wanted to monetize my services. After attending Wealthy Revolution LIVE and enrolling in her Money Made Easy program not only did I get clear on what service to provide, but LaShawne also gave me 3 other service ideas that has increased my income an additional five figures within a four month period. I also learned quick tips that helped to increase my personal credit score that afforded me the opportunity to expand my business revenue as well. LaShawne taught me that it’s not a budget that will lead you to wealth, but consistent and smart investing, expansion and multiplication will get you there every time. Wealthy Revolution LIVE and the products and services that LaShawne provides has changed my life forever.

Nikita B. Williams


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