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In this 4-hour no-cost series, you will:

  • Discover the Money Story you’ve been telling yourself that’s holding you back (it’s not your fault but it is YOUR problem!)
  • Learn my 3-step process to completely rewrite your Money Story
  • Uncover the truth about how you were born to be rich and how to tap into the Bankable Gifts inside of you
  • Learn how we created 5 streams of revenue that have generated millions of dollars for us by “using what’s in our hands”
LaShawne has tremendously changed how I view and handle money. Before encountering her wealth of knowledge (punt intended), I have never heard of a money blueprint nor thought about having a relationship with money. After sitting in her workshops, learning my blueprint and changing my thinking, thus establishing a relationship with money, my bottom dollar has increased, business ventures obtained and cash flowing in and not simply going out. She teaches you how to start right where you are with whatever you have, or think you don’t have? If you stay the course and do the work, you’ll see the results. I’m still learning and still growing! She truly has no idea how much she’s greatly impacted me and my families lives.

Sheretta Galloday Sparkle Girl, Inc.

You inspire me and push me to go forward. I did not think I could start another business after my husband and I filed bankruptcy, losing our trucking company and 3 rental properties in 2008. You helped me see that my today is not my forever and that seasons change. The no embarrassment zone that you set in the beginning of the Masterclass helped me to open myself up to the realities and the roots in my financial life but not let them dictate my tomorrow. I cannot tell you how much you and Rob have helped us and continue to help us. It’s been 7 years this year since we filed bankruptcy. I was so stuck feeling like a failure. My only hope was to go back to school and get my RN degree so that I could get a decent job and be (just over broke). But God!! I started your quick start teleclass in Nov. 2013 and started looking for ways to increase my income. You said ” what’s in your hand?” and I remembered that I use to have an imaginary class when I was a little girl but I did not think being a nurse would allow me to teach as a business. Scared and fearful, I went to my employer and asked if I could teach a state regulated medication class for them and I have now created a business out of it. I was so pumped that I asked them if I could become a CPR Instructor for the company and that gave me the experience I needed to open a virtual training center and offer those classes through my business as well. Your system works! Your strategies are absolutely effective. This is only the beginning. I am starting to dream again of the possibilities. You really are the Voice of Money, The Queen of Green and the “Global” Wealth Activator!! I can’t wait to see all of this unfold as well. I will not be at the tour Saturday but I am planning to come to Wealthy Woman Rock! If you need me to write a testimony to share, I would be more than happy to do so. Thanks again for doing what God has called you to do

Tihesha E. Simmons

The wealth of knowledge that I have gained from you is PRICELESS. The price we paid for Velocity Mastermind is small compared to the quality of information you have provided. It is well worth the investment.

G. Calvin and Denise Hunter

Before I started working with LaShawne I wasn’t clear on how I wanted to monetize from my services. After attending Wealthy Women Rock and enrolling in her Money Made Easy program not only did I get clear on what service to provide, but LaShawne also gave me 3 other service ideas that has increased my income an additional five figures within a four month period. I also learned quick tips that helped to increase my personal credit score that afforded me the opportunity to expand my business revenue as well. LaShawne taught me that it’s not a budget that will lead you to wealth, but consistent and smart investing, expansion and multiplication will get you there every time. Wealthy Women Rock and the products and services that LaShawne provides has changed my life forever.

Nikita B. Williams

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