This event is EXCLUSIVELY for Black Leaders, Professionals, Coaches, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives & Industry Experts who are truly READY to take control of their financial future and create a new reality.


Position yourself for wealth? Discover how to properly invest? Learn to prosper in turbulent times? Live an affluent life? Receive Financial Power?


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Do you want to forever change your relationship with money?

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Do you want to learn how to increase your wealth even in a famine economy?

Would you like to learn how to make sound investments that work for your financial situation?


God wants to prosper you, but you’ve got to get out of the way!

I will provide you with financial success strategies and unknown secrets about wealth patterns that you won’t hear about from your financial planner, your banker or the media!

This conference will Change your Financial Future!

Join me, and discover how to create the lifestyle you desire. Learn how to activate wealth and make your money work for you, in ANY economy.

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I thought I knew all there was to know about money until I uncovered the twin pillars of wealth! I discovered ways to build a solid financial future that no one ever talked about in college, at church or at my parent’s dinner table! After extensive research, I applied these secret strategies to my own life. I shifted my mindset about money and created opportunities that generated multiple cash flow engines that have allowed me to live a lifestyle that I never dreamed possible. I discovered the affluent life and all the wealth information that high net worth investors, millionaires and billionaires had access too. I discovered, “what you don’t know can hinder you”!


I’m sharing those same Wealth Building Secrets that have
generated us millions of dollars with you!


Gain knowledge on the TRUE world of wealth

Be ahead of the ever changing global economy

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March 21-23, 2019

Have you ever felt…

That you didn’t know enough about money to make it grow?

You were suffocating financially and out of options?

Financially paralyzed and didn’t know how to move to get moving again?

Fearful of a bad economy?

Confused and overwhelmed about the world of investing?

You are ready for a financial shift but need direction?

Confused about wealth building opportunities?

Ready to obtain your true financial possibilities and elevate your financial goals?

…Then allow me to guide you to your best “wealthy self” and show you how to make the most of your FINANCIAL FUTURE and create the lifestyle you were destined for!

Join Me and Let’s…
Create Your World of Wealth at the 2019

Life for me prior to FWL was confusing and cloudy. Confusing because I felt like I was going in a circle of financial NO growth. Not knowing how to get more, not knowing WHY I wanted more. WRL showed me these answers and now it clear. I learned tools that will stay with me forever. The most valuable lesson I learned was to define my WHY. Knowing and educating myself about the workings of money gives me an advantage on my spending habits. I’ve taken other financial classes before, but what puts FWL over the top is showing us the importance of changing the way we think about money

D. Matthews

Life before WRL was pretty mediocre. One of the first things that I learned was that being wealthy was possible. That may sound silly, but until you know it’s possible, trying doesn’t even seem reasonable. I learned fundamentally practical ways to save and grow my money. the BONUS was the real time investment secrets and strategic patterns to not only change how I managed my money, but how to prepare myself for wealth. The event taught me financial acumen – but every principal I learned, I am able to apply in multiple areas of my life. WRL was a holistic experience. I have been able to increase my income by 30% per month. That ALONE was worth going.

A. Crews

To say that the 2015 seminar was amazing is an understatement!! I could not have imagined having access to so many viable & up-to-date strategies to grow my personal wealth and my business. I can say that it was the best investment that I made into myself in a long time. From personal- business finance, to business strategies and investing cycles, LaShawne poured her heart and mind out for us to glean from her wisdom and years of experience. If you are considering the WRL 2018, don’t wait until all of the seats filled up…. This is an experience that you cannot afford to miss!!

Sharon Wynn-Johnson
Architectural Engineer

The 2015 Wealthy Women Rock! Live Event in Baltimore was a memorable, highly informative, elegant and epic event! LaShawne Holland, the Queen of Green and America’s Wealth Activator passionately and effectively provided the tools to equip her audience in activating wealth in our lives! In making the investment to engage in this event, one receives powerful information that when followed manifests financial abundance. Not only does one receive an abundance of info from LaShawne, but additional augmentation of her Wealth Dossier through the wisdom of her husband, (Alternative Retirement Expert) Robert Holland, and innovative business executive Wesley Pullen! Surprises, wisdom, resources and many “AHA” moments abound as one learns key concepts for building wealth without limits!

Dr. Gayle Jones
President & Chief Wellness Attraction Ambassador

Before I started working with LaShawne I wasn’t clear on how I wanted to monetize my services. After attending Wealthy Revolution LIVE and enrolling in her Money Made Easy program not only did I get clear on what service to provide, but LaShawne also gave me 3 other service ideas that has increased my income an additional five figures within a four month period. I also learned quick tips that helped to increase my personal credit score that afforded me the opportunity to expand my business revenue as well. LaShawne taught me that it’s not a budget that will lead you to wealth, but consistent and smart investing, expansion and multiplication will get you there every time. Wealthy Revolution LIVE and the products and services that LaShawne provides has changed my life forever.

Nikita B. Williams

Now is the time to be part of a wealthy revolution!

LaShawne Holland is on a mission to help women forever improve their money mindsets so they can stop losing sleep over their debt and activate lasting wealth. IF you’re not making much money in this economy, then it’s not making much sense (or cents!). Position your purse to prosper! Reinvent your wallet! Control your destiny!